Onesie & Pyjama Fundraising Day

Raised online: £16
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Donation Goal For This Project is £200
£16 Donated/£184 To Go
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The Charity Committee (aka Craig and Louise!) are organising Safe Patient System Group’s very first fundraising event, the ‘Onesie & Pyjama Fundraising Day’ on Thursday 21st December 2017.

For this inaugral event, the Charity Committee have decided that we will be raising money for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC). Midlands Air Ambulance Charity airlifts on average 2,000 people every year, ensuring that they receive the best care, in the fastest time possible. Each time one of their three air ambulances is dispatched, it costs the charity on average £2,500, with £7 million needed each year to ensure the free service can remain operational.

With no Government or National Lottery funding, every penny raised, will help to fund a future lifesaving air ambulance mission, so thank you for your support.

No one knows when they may need the service, so the funds you raise help to ensure that West Midlands Air Ambulance can be there to save further lives across the Midlands.

Help pay for lifesaving equipment

  • Flight suit = £350
  • Ventilator = £4,000
  • Life pack = £15,000 (to include heart monitor, defribulator, oxygen etc.)
  • Helmet = £1,500
  • RTC helmet = £100
  • Safety boots = £100
  • High visibility jacket = £250
  • Response bag = £600 for a pair

Rules below:

Come to work wearing a Onesie or your PJs – Donate £5

If you don’t – forfeit a donation of £10

Let’s get behind this and raise money for a good cause!