Potters ‘Arf Marathon 2019

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Donation Goal For This Project is £150
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Monday 3rd June marks a month since my grandad made his journey to Heaven. Not a day has gone by without him being at the forefront of my mind or in my heart; whether it’s feeling that fierce ache of sadness for having lost him or that rush of love thinking about the wonderful life he led and the memories I will so cherish forever.

Losing him has made me appreciate the deep vicious emotion that is grief and loss. We have all felt it or will feel it at one point or another in our lives – mum, dad, brother, sister, nan, grandad, uncle, aunty, husband, wife, child, friend…it all hurts the same. So from now on I will remember that behind every smile and brave face there’s a chance that someone’s heart is silently breaking.

Words and actions can make the difference between making someone feel better or worse, so in memory of my grandad and as an ongoing tribute to him I vow to show more kindness, have a little more patience and do my very best to help those around me; just as he would have done.

Riches, fame and fortune didn’t matter to him. His family and friends were his treasure, more precious than silver and gold. Today we are poorer for having lost him but so much richer for having known, loved and learned from him. Still, what I wouldn’t give for just another minute.

He set a fine example, he was a beacon, a Giant among men and through the Gates of St Peter no finer man shall walk. In life, and in passing, he will always be the North Star of our family. By the force of his amazing ability to love, his values and the enormous support he so freely and quietly gave to others, his presence served and will continue to serve as a beacon; he was a living embodiment of the greater good that we are all capable of.

On the 9th June, in 5 days’ time, with virtually no training, I will run the Potters ‘Arf Marathon to raise money for the Midlands Air Ambulance – a charity my grandad supported for many years.

My grandad would have called me crazy for doing this; his charitable giving was done discreetly and it would not have involved anything like the Potters ‘Arf – he wasn’t known for his sporting prowess. But one thing is for certain, he would have undoubtedly told anyone who cared to listen just how proud he was of my achievement the minute I crossed that finish line, another proud story to add to his repertoire.

He was immensely proud to come from the Potteries, Tunstall born and bred, so I will run the Potters ‘Arf in his memory; I am determined to cross that finish line and by some miracle I will.

With just a few days to go I don’t expect to raise much, but a little is better than nothing. With no Government or National Lottery funding, every penny raised will help to fund a future lifesaving air ambulance mission. No one knows when they may need the services of an air ambulance, so the funds raised will help to ensure that the Midlands Air Ambulance can be there to save further lives across the Midlands.

Thank you for your support.